About Us
Brief History

When the area was "discovered" in the early 1950's by a wealthy Houston fishing and hunting enthusiast, Bob Smith, he invited six friends to join him in developing a beach play land.

The group formed in 1956 as Jamaica Beach, Ltd. and in 1959 incorporated as Jamaica Beach Inc.  In 1966 the name was changed again to Jamaica Resort Corporation.  When the group decided to offer a nationwide stock sale they once more changed the name to Timewealth. During this time By-laws and Deed Restrictions were adopted to insure the continued order progression of the developing suburb.

As the area developed, various sections were created and maintenance fees assigned.  As sections were added the restrictions were not always identical and remains that way today.  Maintenance fees also vary according to type of lot and section location.

The Present 

The By-laws are the responsibility of a board of "not less than 3 or no more than 5" elected members.  They serve two year terms for no compensation and appoint their own officers.

The duties of the Board center mainly on enforcement of Deed Restrictions, collection of maintenance fees, working to control violations related to those restrictions and the By-laws of JBIC and enhancing the common areas of the city through beautification and improvement projects.  The objective is to assist in protecting the rights of all property owners, assist in maintaining the value of property, and assist in maintaining and improving certain common areas in the community.

The board is interested in improving awareness of property owners to both the By-laws and Deed Restrictions.  They invite participation at the monthly meetings and involvement in various projects within the community.  Attendees at the meetings have an opportunity to discuss concerns. In general the Board meeting the fourth Saturday of every month but to see when the next meeting will be held, go to the community calendar.

JBIC is not empowered to replace, duplicate or enforce city ordinances or other actions of the City Council.  However the JBIC board members and administrator work cooperatively with city staff, the mayor and council members to make Jamaica Beach a better place to live, work, play and worship. We also lead the Jamaica Beach Proud Coalition to make Jamaica Beach a greener and cleaner community. The JBIC encourages all property owners to participate in the JBIC Board meetings and in the Jamaica Beach city council meetings.